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Why Toners are an Essential part of a Skincare routine?

A Toner is the liquid that you apply to your skin after cleansing, toning, and exfoliating. Toners are usually alcohol-based or water-based. They come in liquid form or as a spray. Though it looks like water, it is not water. It consists of ingredients that are more than oxygen and hydrogen. According to the type of toner, it contains anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, glycerin, and acids.

The toner penetrates fast onto the skin to remove dead cells that are on the skin surface and deliver quick hydration. As a result, you would notice glowy and plump skin. It is almost equal to a primer and can be included in your daily skin care routine just like moisturizers and serums.

Toners help your skin absorb skincare products, sweep impurities away and bring the skin to natural acidic form. Your skin is similar to a dried-up sponge. When you apply a thick cream or foundation on the sponge, it will not accept as it will not be prepared for moisture. When you wet the sponge and then apply the cream, you would notice the cream blending more easily. Toner can be used for prepping the skin before the thick cream or foundation.  It keeps your skin hydrated and improves the skin texture.

There are many reasons why a toner should be used as part of a skin care routine because they have a lot of benefits.

Remove excess oil: The first reason is that they can help to remove any excess oil from the skin. This means that it will make the skin much less greasy and it will also make it easier for other products to penetrate the surface of the skin.

Contain astringents: Toners contain astringents that will help to tighten up the pores and tighten up any creases on the surface of your face.

Induce skin hydration: Toners also contain ingredients as well as glycerin which will lock in moisture into your skin. This means that it can stop you from getting dehydrated patches on your face, making you more prone to wrinkles and fine lines appearing on your forehead. Cleansing helps in removing impurities and also results in a certain level of moisture being wiped out from the skin. It is where a face toner remains useful. It binds moisture and at the same time maintains the elasticity of the skin.

Fight acne: Acne and bacteria are susceptible to excessive large pores. The toners aid in removing oil formation and make sure the skin is safe from forthcoming breakouts. If you want to maintain your skin’s health, you need to use alcohol-free toners as they can protect the skin by producing irritation.

Shrink pores: In most cases, the size of your pores depends upon age, skin type, and genes. Though it is not possible to change the size of the pores, you can reduce their presence to a certain extent. Face toners tighten pores as well as cleanse hard-to-reach dirt. It keeps your skin protected from excess oil or bacteria settling in the skin.

Enhance the effectiveness of other skin care products: The toners help in balancing the skin’s pH level, exfoliate and also help other cosmetics or products blend deep into the skin.

Ingredients in a toner

All the toners will not have the same ingredients and they vary by manufacturer. However, all are used for the same purpose. Some of the common ingredients in the toner are as follows:

Witch Hazel: It is an excellent ingredient for skin. It is known for several benefits apart from toning the surface of the skin. Most people apply witch hazel to the scalp and skin and it is known to soothe sensitive skin and ease inflammation.

Rose Water: Rosewater has been in use since the ancient period. It is recommended for post-acne pigmentation or acne-prone skin types.

Alcohol: It is present in the majority of the toners. It can be irritating and dry the skin when present in high concentrations.

Essential Oils: It is included in facial toners due to its therapeutic benefits and pleasant fragrance. For example, marigold and chamomile extracts offer mild lightening effects and soothe skin. Lavender essential oil offers soothing effects and is a popular antimicrobial ingredient. Toners with these ingredients prove useful for blackheads and acne sufferers.

Emulsifiers and Preservatives: Emulsifiers help to keep water and oil-based ingredients from untying over time. Hydrogenated castor oil and polysorbate 20 serve as emulsifiers and are present in most toners. Preservatives like potassium sorbate, citric acid, and parabens help in keeping harmful bacteria from spoiling the formula and evolving in the toner.

How toners work on the skin

Take a cotton ball and soak with the toner. Sweep the cotton ball throughout the face every morning and night (before going to bed). It should be followed after cleansing your face. Once you prepare your skin with toner, you can apply the moisturizer that will easily get absorbed when applied immediately after using the toner. Then, you can apply your regular skin treatments, creams, or lotions.

This way, toners remove all the impurities, grime, and dirt that remain stuck in the pores even after washing the face. If used regularly or added to your daily routine, it can leave a positive effect on the tightness and appearance of your pores. Toners aid in restoring the pH level of the skin, enhance skin tone, and smooth skin by cleansing rough patches.

Toners contain potent actives and antioxidants that can reduce redness, hydrate, and exfoliate. It serves as a distribution system for vitamin B derivatives, antioxidants, and other toning acids. There are different kinds of toner for each skin issue and it is important to select the right toner for your skin.

Though it is not required for everyone, it offers excellent benefits when you use a toner for a specific concern. If you are following a basic skin care routine like cleansing and moisturizing, there are chances you may be witnessing certain skin issues or concerns. Toner is an excellent option to obtain beautiful and glowing skin. No matter, you are at home or in the outdoors, the skin gets exposed to various environmental pollutants. Residue and impurities will gradually affect your skin mainly when you do not clean it. When you use the facial toner, you can safeguard the skin from dangerous environmental impurities.

By not wearing toner, you will be exposing your skin to harmful bacteria that may thrive in the environment. Though you wash your face regularly, the bacteria can remain in makeup palettes and brushes that you regularly and may get transferred to your skin. The pH level of your skin remains imbalanced especially after you use harsh cleaning soap. The skin may look dull with pores and dark spots.

The toner helps in repairing your skin, controlling blemishes, exfoliating skin, supplying essential nutrients and antioxidants, and offering a ‘wow’ treat to your skin.

How to select a toner?

It is important to determine the ingredients that are right and not right for your skin type and then choose a toner according to your skin type.

For all types of skin: If you are looking for a general toner or a toner that can be applied for all skin types, you have to choose alcohol-free toners. It consists of antioxidants like Vitamin C and it is recommended for all skin types. Moreover, it does not contain fragrance and is prepared with soothing ingredients such as aloe. The texture of the toner is also light.

For acne-prone or oily skin: If you have this skin type, you should look for non-comedogenic or oil-free toners. Some of the key ingredients the toner should contain are beta and alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid. These ingredients assist in exfoliating the skin by eliminating dead skin cells and wiping up excess oil. They also help in reducing breakouts and reduce the appearance of pores.

For sensitive skin: It is recommended to use hydrating toner with moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Some of the other skin-soothing ingredients you should look at while purchasing toner include rosewater and chamomile. Ensure that the formula does not contain alcohol and fragrance as they can irritate the skin.

For normal and dry skin: Individuals with this skin type should choose a toner that contains hydrate-boosting components like hyaluronic acid. Are you wondering what is special about hyaluronic acid? Well, it can hold about 1000 times its weight, remaining as a powerful humectant, preserving the skin moisturized throughout the day. Make sure to avoid toners that contain witch hazel or alcohol-based as they may dry your skin quickly.

What other creams/lotions should be worn before and after a toner?

Facial toner is used in-between your skincare routine. It can be used after washing the face (facewash) and before using moisturizer or serum. Here is the sequence you should follow to get full benefits:

Toner: Face toner should be used first after washing the skin. It aids in restoring the pH balance of the skin, reducing acne problems, and cleaning clogged pores. Most people skip toner because it may irritate the skin. When you use organic toners, you would not experience this irritation.

Serum: It should be used after the toner. When your skin gets exposed to harmful pollutants, dirt, and Ultra Violet sun rays, the skin begins to age early, resulting in the presence of dark spots and fine lines on the skin surface. The serum is excellent for repairing dull skin, fine lines, uneven skin tone, and several other skin problems.

Moisturizer: It should be used only after the serum gets completely absorbed into the cells. Moisturizer is recommended though you have oily or dry skin type. It helps to prepare your skin for the entire day. Moisturizers with SPF protection are known to provide endless benefits.