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How To Pick The Right Products For Your Skin Type l Skin Brightening

Here is a video that explains how to choose the right product for your skincare. One must choose a skincare product depending on the skin type like normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, or sensitive skin.

We are not going to mention a particular brand. However, we will mention the key ingredient that you need to consider while buying a skincare product. 

Skincare products/routine for people with normal skin

People with normal skin, need to choose a cleanser that contains Ceramide in a creamy consistency. They should scrub their skin twice a week to remove dead cells or the epidermal cells. Do note that, too much scrubbing can make normal skin into dry skin. One can use home-based scrubs made using salts or sugar crystals or even the half-browned green guards.

Do note that, some of the scrubs will take away the oiliness of the skin, which will convert the normal skin into dry skin. For toning, you can go with something that contains Vitamin C or Coenzyme. Again, for treating the skin, one can use a product that contains Hyaluronic Acids or Vitamin C, E.

Then apply a moisturized containing Antioxidants or Hyaluronic Acids. Lastly, finish it off with a lotion-based sunscreen. You can use any sunscreen. Do note that, it is also important to apply sunscreen even when are at home to protect the skin from blue light exposure.

Skincare products/routine for people with oily skin

People with oily skin have hyperactive sebaceous glands. If there is acne, then one might have to take oral medications to reduce acne. For cleansing, people with oily skin should use cleansers that contain alpha-Hydroxy Acids or even beta-Hydroxy Acids, which can reduce inflammation, which will reduce oil secretion.

Oral medications are not prescribed for those who are planning for a pregnancy or for pregnant women. For those, Retinoids are recommended, which will reduce the inflammation and regularise the maturation process of the epidermis.

They have to use a moisturizer containing the same acids or Niacinamide and the sunscreen should be a gel-based sunscreen, as a lotion-based sunscreen could block the pores. Even for those who have combination skin, it is best to go with gel-based sunscreen.

Skincare products/routine for people with extremely dry skin

When extremely dry skin people wash their face, the skin feels white-white and there will also be some amount of flakiness. Hence, they have to use a soapless or creamy cleanser and have to scrub the face once a week, as scrubbing too often will make the skin drier.

Get a toner with Glycerin and treat the skin with Hyaluronic Acids/Exfoliants. Then use a moisturizer with Ceramide or Jojoba oil and lastly a creamy sunscreen.

Those who have combination skin can use most products that are recommended for oily skin. Hence, people with a combination of skin can consider a gel cleanser and it is recommended to scrub twice a week and use acid-containing toners. Treat the skin with Retinoids and use a Niacinamide-containing moisturizer with gel-based sunscreen. In this case, you have to make sure that the oily areas don't become too oily and dry areas become too dry.

Lastly, people with sensitive skin, where the skin barrier function is lost. Hence it is best to choose Parabens or Phthalates acid-free soap and do not scrub. Use Aloe vera based toner and people with extremely sensitive skin might need mild steroids. Lastly, protect the skin with creamy sunscreen.